Google (Gmail) & Yahoo latest requirements for sending emails

Emails – and by extension email marketing – are basics of every day communications.  While we can take for granted the emails we rely on daily, behind every email is a powerhouse of technicalities necessary to make it all work.

This is especially critical for email marketing.

Successful email marketing is powered by a secure sequence of features guided by battle-tested processes. Technology is continually changing and with this, so do the requirements for successful email campaigns.

The latest requirements for email marketers by Gmail and Yahoo are attracting attention because they will impact deliverability.

Some marketers are kicking off February concerned whether or not their message will reach customers using Gmail or Yahoo.

If this is you, we can help.

Don’t get tangled up in these technicalities alone and risk your ability to communicate and advertise.

If your company domain gets listed “unsafe” by Google and Yahoo, this will have a ripple effect for all of your digital assets.

Leave the technicalities to the experts. Contact us today.