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All of our campaigns include our expert personal service and proprietary mail engine and analytics system.

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No list? No problem. We’ll help you build your
list and monitor it as it grows, ensuring that the privacy of your subscribers is respected every step of the way. Our proprietary mail system ensures accurate, secure list collection and
maintenance integrated with your website. Our list collection process complies with CanadaUSA and U.K. anti-spam laws which have drastically impacted online communications.

This is a common request…don’t worry- we don’t judge. We detangle you from whatever DIY platform isn’t performing for you and care for your precious data.  Our personalized and customized service ensures seamless integration into our proprietary system from other non-proprietary platforms. Your brand will always be protected by the relentless steps we take to integrate and protect your digital assets (contacts, design, etc.). We can’t wait to revive your marketing with our rigorous standards for preparing, testing and deploying to ensure the highest level of performance across dozens of email applications and devices.
And the best part?
When you reach out to us, you receive a personalized response from a real person who is invested in your success.

Yes! The beauty of our customized services is that every
campaign includes all of our expertise and proprietary email
marketing services. This will be put to work for you, whether you choose to send one email a year or one a week. Our goal will be to work with you to determine the approach that best meets your individual needs and budget. It’s about building success.


Protection and retrieval of data can be a huge undertaking
for any organization. We provide a secure, reliable, one-stop environment to keep this valuable data safe, stored and up to date. But we don’t own it. It’s yours anytime you need it. Our pre-deployment services also includes a preliminary database scrub and real time maintenance of subscribes,
unsubscribes, change-of-addresses and bouncebacks (soft and hard). 

Our processes exceed compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the EU’s General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United States’ CAN-SPAM – all which make it even harder to re-subscribe someone once you’ve lost them. We know the laws, pay attention to changing trends and build this into your marketing and deployment strategy. 

You get start to finish proprietary mail services – from marketing and email collection, through to design, body copy, subject line (and teaser copy), secure deployment and post-deployment performance analysis. We’ve built our own proprietary mail engine and analytics system on what we’ve learned during our 17+ years in this ever-changing game. Each step is designed to get you the highest ROI.

First, you get an expert on your team with ‘skin in the game’ because your marketing runs through our proprietary engine.  The cost for your program will be based on the services you choose from our initial recommendations. Things we’ll discuss include the size of your database, deployment frequency that’s optimal for your audience and what customization makes sense for the success of your business.

We deliver optimized email design, secure list management, safe subject lines and rigorous pre-deployment testing so whichever combination of email, browser and device your customer has, when your newsletter arrives— you look good.  Our post-deployment statistics report feeds your ongoing market strategy so we’re constantly building ROI. 

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