2024.1 year = 366 Days of Opportunity

Make the most of Leap Year!

February 29th only greets us every four years (except for years that end in “00”, but let’s worry about that in the year 2100).  With 366 days this year, seize the gift of an ‘extra’ day to check on your customer communications/advertising. Some questions to ask yourself:

  1.  Am I communicating enough?
  2.  Am I communicating too much?
  3.  Is my message on target?

Most of these questions can readily be answered thanks to your eNewsletter performance statistics. One of the superpowers of email marketing is the ability for your audience to provide spontaneous feedback. Analysing metrics reveals a treasure trove of what your customers are saying.

The gift of time is precious. Seize the extra day this year to ensure your email marketing efforts are yielding results. Need a hand? We’re here to help!


One last thought…
We interchangeably use the terms “customer” and “audience” as well as “communications” and “advertising” because whether it’s a tangible product or service, or if it’s information or events that you’re “communicating” or “advertising”, many of the same best practices apply. Whichever vernacular best fits your organization’s culture, success is determined if your message delivers results.